2017 off to a terrible start as James Corden found alive and well

Just over a week in and 2017 is already off to an atrocious start after James Corden was found alive and well in his Hollywood apartment.

Corden, who currently hosts The Late Late Show after making a successful transition to America, was found alive and well when we called him just moments ago.

‘Hello, who is this? How did you get me number?’ Corden asked.

And millions of Brits are heartbroken that the star lives and is making a success out of himself.

‘I just don’t understand it. I don’t know anyone who I like who actually enjoys him,’ said one Corden critic.

Corden’s popularity figures are so low in Britain that he could probably make a successful run as next Labour leader. However some believe he was wise in making the move to America.

‘He was always going to be a natural in transitioning across to America. He’s fat and annoying so he fits in well over there,’
said one expert in the field of entertainment.

Will 2017 just continue to dreadful run of 2016? We’ll have to wait and see.