Ahead in the polls, Jeremy Corbyn calls a snap election

With a three point lead in the latest polls, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called a snap election in a bid to oust Theresa May.

Corbyn believes that Labour should now be allowed to call a snap election just as Theresa May did back in April.

‘Look, she got to call one when she was miles ahead in the polls. Now we’re ahead, we should get to call a General Election. That’s only fair. All I have to do is stand outside a house and say I want an election and it happens, right?’ said the MP for Islington North.

But Theresa May, whose negotiating team is now working on a Brexit deal, says that now is not the time for election.

‘It’s clear that Britain does not want another General Election at this time. And I certainly fucking don’t. That was an absolute nightmare. Did you see me on TV? I looked like a right dog’s nut out there,’ said the Prime Minister.

The British public have already made it clear they don’t agree with May, with a poll stating that 43% of people want another election to 38% of people who don’t. The remaining 19% want one as long as it doesn’t interrupt their social media as much as the last one.