American flag pin wears Sean Spicer upside down

An American flag pin has been spotted wearing Sean Spicer upside down, leading some to question whether the mistake was intentional or purely an accident.

The American flag pin turned up to the White House press conference with Sean Spicer noticeably upside down. Wearing Sean Spicer upside down has long been an international symbol of distress.

When a member of the media pointed out the possible error, the American flag pin sprung into action and turned Sean Spicer the right way up again.

‘Sorry,’ said the flag pin. ‘My other Sean Spicer broke this morning and I was in a rush to put the new one on.’

But with new controversies leaking out the White House daily, some believe this was a message to the media and international politicians for help.

‘I believe the American flag pin was asking for help. He’s being held against his will and he wants out of there,’
said one conspiracy theorist.

After the mix-up, friends of Sean Spicer have described his condition as ‘dizzy but stable’.