Anthropologists discover last living male without his own podcast

Anthropologists are celebrating after finding the last man alive who doesn’t have his own podcast.

Podcasting has become a popular way for people to discuss their passions and opinions, with iTunes and SoundCloud hosting millions of new podcast episodes every day.

But Steven Phillips, 27, has yet to host even a single episode of his own podcast. In fact, he’s never even appeared on a podcast as a guest.

‘Steven is a perfectly mediocre man who can just about string a sentence together. That actually puts him way above most podcasters, so it’s amazing he doesn’t have his own yet,’
said anthropologist Alison Kimmler, who discovered Steven minding his own business at home, not even on social media at the time.

Anthropologists are now watching Steven closely. Several of them have camped outside Steven’s home and are waiting to see if there are any further developments.

‘He has a laptop and a tablet, so he’s not a Luddite. We don’t know why he isn’t desperate for the world to hear what he thinks about the latest Star Wars news or how those clown politicians are at it again,’ Alison told us.

While they typically don’t like to interfere, some of the anthropologists are considering buying Steven a microphone in the hope that he will join in with the rest of the male population and start hosting his own podcast.

If he does, it will create another brand new piece of media content for no-one to pay any attention to. Something that we here at Daily Squat can certainly empathise with.