Bank holidays to be renamed ‘robbing bastard holidays’

Bank holidays are to be renamed ‘robbing bastard holidays’ in an effort to communicate more clearly with the public.

The number of robbing bastard holidays will remain the same as bank holidays, but it’s hoped this new clearer name will resonate better the with public.

‘No-one was ever quite sure what the term “bank holiday” really meant. But by calling them “robbing bastard holidays” people will realise that we’re allowing them to take a short break from making us money,’ said one robbing bastard.

With the name change going into effect immediately, Brits across the country will be able to joy their next robbing bastard holiday however they see fit.

The movement has been spearheaded by the government who wish to let the public know that they’re aware of the continued banking problem without actually doing anything about it.

‘Business as usual,’
said one MP.