The Beach Boys found dead in final Chuck Berry rip-off

The Beach Boys have been found dead together in a shared condo in their final rip-off of Chuck Berry, according to reports.

Not content with stealing a full song and several riffs from Berry, The Beach Boys have offed themselves in their latest shameless copy.

All five current members of the band – Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, David Marks and Bruce Johnston – were found dead in a shared condo by the police after they received a tip-off believed to be from Brian Wilson himself.

‘At first we thought that the Manson Family may have been up to their old tricks, but we found a note from Brian that said: “Make sure we get more attention for this than Chuck Berry.”’

The news of Chuck Berry’s death has now been bumped in favour of The Beach Boys’, with experts on the dead calling it ‘amongst the greatest and most original deaths of all time’.