Bear Grylls will attempt to survive a week in Burnley

Adventurer Bear Grylls has announced his most difficult challenge to date as he attempts to survive a full week in Burnley, Lancashire.

The week-long test will be filmed for ITV and feature the former Royal Naval Reserve dropped into Burnley with no equipment, money or food. All he will have is the clothes on his back and a bladder full of piss to survive.

Burnley is one of the harshest environments known to man with its extreme weather and aggressive native species which is the result of hundreds of years of inbreeding.

While Bear has survived some of the most dangerous places thanks to the potent healing powers of his own urine, those closest to him are worried that this might be a challenge to far.

‘I’ve begged him not to go through with this. Spending a week in Burnley is like looking into the eyes of Cthulhu,’
said one friend.

But Bear remains determined to not only complete the challenge but perhaps bring some improvements to the town of Burnley.

‘I’d like to get in touch with the natives, maybe teach them some rudimentary English. It’s going to be a fascinating experience,’ said Grylls.

Burnley awaits Bear’s arrival with sour bated breath. He will be the first new introduction to the gene pool for over 350 years.