Big Ben to be renamed Big Beth in blow for equality

Big Ben will be renamed to Big Beth as soon as refurbishment work has been completed in what is being called a ‘blow for equality’.

Big Ben will never bong again according to latest reports, as the next time we hear the bell chime it will have been officially renamed Big Beth.

A feminist petition reached over 200,000 signatures and parliament voted to enact the change as soon as repair work was finished.

‘I don’t always agree with feminists, but they might be right on this one. If something that leaves a ringing noise in your ears isn’t a woman, I don’t know what is,’ quipped one Conservative MP.

Not all MPs agreed with the change though. One female MP voted against the proposal saying: ‘Big Ben is clearly a man. It’s a massive bell!’

Big Beth is scheduled to make her first official appearance in 2021, although that date may get pushed back if she’s not ready in time.