Bob Geldof opens home to refugees; refugees politely decline

Bob Geldof has offered to house up to four refugee families as the Syrian crisis worsens, however each Syrian family asked so far has politely declined.

The former singer of the Boomtown Rats, activist, and spearhead of Live Aid made the generous offer on RTE Radio One and received an overwhelming amount of public support for the move.

“It’s a f**king shambles that it’s come to this. These are real people and they’re scared out of their minds. We’re all brothers and sisters on this planet and the sooner we realize that the better,” said Geldof.

"I'd hate Mondays too if I had to live with Mr. Geldof."

“I’d hate Mondays too if I had to live with Mr. Geldof.”

However his spare homes remain unoccupied as no Syrian families have yet taken him up on his offer.

We spoke to the Alnasseri family who fled the country recently and while they appreciated the offer they said they’d rather make it on their own.

“It is incredibly gracious of Mr. Geldof to invite us into his home but I can’t imagine having to listen to the Boomtown Rats all day long. We’ve all agreed that we’d rather take our chances elsewhere,” said Mr. Alnasseri.

If you’d like to help the Syrian people you can click here to make a donation to the Red Cross.