Britain missing

The world has been left stunned after satellite images and flyovers have shown that Britain has completely disappeared off the map.

No-one yet knows what has happened to the plucky nation.

Some experts believe it may have moved further away from Europe to avoid further embarrassment. Others believe it may have self-destructed or just naturally sank to the bottom of the ocean.

‘We’ve not seen anything like this in world history other than Atlantis – and that was always thought to be a myth,’
said Dr Andrea Parling, an expert on commenting on news.

The world will put together a search team to try and find Britain. The oceans of Earth will be searched from top to bottom in the hope that Great Britain turns up safe and sound.

Many are concerned about the plight of the British people as none of them seem to be contactable from the outside world.

‘We believe they’re either all dead or have mutated into a powerful new race of mermaids and seamen,’
said Dr Parling.

Perhaps most upsetting is that the Republic of Ireland has also been wiped off the map, despite not being a British nation. The best guess of the experts is that they were pulled under by the weight of Northern Ireland, something predicted by Nostradamus in 1555.