Britain places harsh Ferrero Rocher sanctions on Russia

In a bold show of solidarity with America, Britain has announced it will be placing harsh Ferrero Rocher sanctions on all Russian ambassadors.

With America placing various sanctions on Russia after the US election hacking scandal, Britain has decided to follow suit by removing Ferrero Rocher privileges from all Russian officials at political gatherings.

The sanction came into effect on New Year’s Eve when Russian ambassadors and diplomats were cruelly shunned by waiter’s handing out the chocolatey treat during a fancy London party.

Russian officials were said to be outraged with the treatment.

‘With these Ferrero Rocher sanctions, you are really spoiling international relations,’ said Ivan Fuqov, a Russian diplomat.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is already planning a retaliation by blocking export of all Russian dolls to Britain.

‘Britain will never again know the joy of increasingly tiny, shit wooden dolls,’
said Putin whilst laughing maniacally.