British public heads outdoors to top up their sunburn

Despite weather warnings, millions of Brits plan to head outdoors as the sun beats down so that they can top up their sunburn from over the weekend.

The sun typically only appears in Britain ten times a year and many citizens are desperate to make the most of it.

‘I don’t care if it burns me, the burn will help keep me warm during the oncoming nine month winter,’ said Terry Batty, 44.

‘This is my child’s first time seeing the sun so we want to make the most of it. He turns four next month,’ said Kylie McLaughlin of Glasgow, Scotland.

And millions of Brits have the same idea. By the end of the day it’s believed that ‘lobster pink’ will be the new official skin tone of Britain, taking over from ‘milk bottle white’.

Lotion sales are expected to increase tenfold as a result of the sunburn boom. It is expected to be the biggest lotion selling period since all those celebrity nude pictures were leaked on the internet.