Cadbury officially rebrand Easter eggs as ‘chocolate spring orbs’

Easter eggs will be no more after Cadbury’s announced that they will officially be rebranding the products as ‘chocolate spring orbs’ as of next year.

Cadbury has slowly been phasing Easter out of their annual chocolate treats and have now made the move official with the rebranding.

‘There are a lot of people who find the term “Easter egg” offensive. Not only is “Easter” incredibly offensive to all non-Christians, but the term “egg” upsets vegans. That is why we’ve made the decision to re-christen them as chocolate spring orbs. No-one can get offended by that,’ said a spokesperson for Cadbury.

But some people have indeed become offended by the new name.

‘It’s bad enough that they’re taking Easter away from the name – but egg? It’s political correctness gone mad. I haven’t lived a comfortable life only to have Easter eggs taken away from me in my winter years,’ said Bill Gammon, a local carrot waxer.

Cadbury say they will stand firm on the name change though, no matter how many complaints they receive.

Will you be buying yourself a chocolate spring orb next year or will you boycott them out of protest? Let us know by way of message in a bottle thrown directly into the Caspian sea.