‘You call that a fire? My other home is much hotter,’ says Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch has defended his dangerous decision to move back into his currently on fire LA mansion, claiming that his other home is considerably hotter.

The billionaire media mogul moved back into his LA home whilst it was still burning down earlier today, walking through the fire without so much as a blister from the intense heat.

Murdoch removed his shoes before taking the fire-walk, leaving his cloven hoofs completely unprotected. Even they were not damaged by the flames hungrily lapping at them.

Onlookers saw Murdoch walking unscathed through the flames and reporters were left mystified.

‘It was completely out of this world. The flames seemed to be attracted to him but they did him no harm,’
said one eye witness.

The Australian overlord now sits comfortably on his living room throne as his house burns around him.

‘Global warming is bollocks, mate. This is barely a fire. I have another home way down south that’s much hotter than this,’ he told us.