‘If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my slightly less worse,’ screams toddler

An angry toddler has warned her parents that if they can’t handle her at her worst then they don’t deserve those rare moments when she’s at her slightly less worse.

Hayley Fielding, 5, may spend most of the time screaming, crying and demanding whatever it is she wants but those bad moments are more than made up for by the slightly not as bad moments, claims Hayley.

‘I hear my parents complain about me to their stupid friends. But if they can’t handle me at my worst then they don’t deserve me at my slightly less worse,’
she screamed at us.

Those slightly less worse moments include when she’s watching something on TV, when she’s asleep and when she’s left the room.

Her tired looking parents assert they they still love their daughter, even if she is a fucking nightmare to live with.

‘Of course we still love Hayley. I mean, you have to say that, don’t you?’ asked her mom.

After a quiet five minute spell whilst she was watching Peppa Pig, Hayley now intends to spend the rest of the day shouting that she doesn’t want to go to an after school class that she hasn’t been signed up for in the first place.