Charlie Sheen calls tigers’ to let them know they should get tested

Charlie Sheen has admitted that he has begun the painful and embarrassing process of calling every tiger he ever swapped blood with to let them know they should get tested.

Tigger's bounce but do Tigger's also have HIV?

Tigger’s bounce but do Tigger’s also have HIV?

The move came after the world decided Charlie Sheen has HIV without any formal announcement being made.

‘The internet is a powerful tool. Even more powerful than me. I’m not sure if I was HIV positive but I definitely am now if the internet says so. That’s why I’m working my way through my special tiger phone book and calling each and every one of them to make sure they get checked. I don’t want their tiger blood on my hands,’ said Sheen, star of Young Guns, Wall Street, and Two And A Half Men.

‘At least my HIV is positive, right? Winning on every front.’

Popular tiger Tigger from the Winnie The Pooh Show has been unavailable for comment.