Cheated spouse even more upset after realising she married Hans Gruber

A wife who suffered the indignity of being cheated on around Christmas has been dealt another blow after learning she actually married German terrorist Hans Gruber.

Gruber was believed to be dead after a 30 floor fall from Nakatomi Plaza but his body was never found. As it turns out, he was able to survive thanks to landing on a particularly fat man.

From there he changed his identity and moved to England, where he got a job as a managing director of a design agency and settled down with Karen. They married and had two children; just two more than the perfect number of children.

But it was when Karen discovered that ‘Harry’ had been cheating on her, that it all began to unravel.

‘I took Harry back for awhile, but I never truly trusted him. So I hired a private investigator to follow him and snoop around in his affairs, no pun intended,’ Karen told us.

And it was thanks to several unusual banking transactions spotted by the P.I. that Karen uncovered the shocking truth about her husband.

‘He made a fool of me twice,’ she cried.

After being confronted by Karen, Harry/Hans confessed his true identity to her and then fled. He is now being hunted by Detective John McClane and a documentary is being made on the case called ‘Die Hard 6’.