Chess Grandmaster calls for black pieces to move first

Black chess grandmaster Maurice Ashley has called for the International Chess Board to make the first rule change to the game of chess in modern times by having the BLACK pieces move first, ahead of the white pieces.

‘Chess, just like the real world, has shown a flagrant disregard for blacks for hundreds of years. The fact that white pieces get to move first before black pieces is incredibly symbolic of the racial problems of the society we live in. I think it is time that black pieces got to move first and I will be petitioning the ICB to make the change,’ said Ashley in a blog post on his website.

‘The white pieces clearly represent white people and the black pieces black people. I love the game of chess but to suggest it is okay to treat blacks as second class is disgusting. We’ve been shackled long enough.’

Chess purists are up in arms at the suggestion with popular chess forums aghast at the suggestion of the rule change.

‘Chess is a game that dates nearly two thousand years. The idea that it needs a rule change now is, quite frankly, preposterous. There is no social commentary in chess. I’m not sure if black people even existed when chess was invented,’ claimed draughts/checkers expert Dan O’Leary.

‘If anything needs to change it should be the Queen being the most important piece,’ claimed Sally Gidget. ‘The Queen makes all the moves just to attack the opposition and protect her King? That is sexism at its finest.’

The International Chess Board has promised to review the revised changes and will make an announcement ‘soon’ according to a representative.