Chewbacca cut from Star Wars after photo emerges of sexual misconduct towards Princess Leia

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is to undergo an extensive new cut before release to remove all scenes containing Chewbacca after a photo emerged of the Wookiee grabbing the breast of a clearly shocked Princess Leia.

As soon as the photo hit the internet, Chewbacca claimed that he had no memory of the event but still issued a formal apology to Princess Leia.

‘Huurh uugggh aaahnruh uughghhhgh. Aguhwwgggghhh hnnnhrrhhh uughghhhgh wrrhwrwwhw, uughguughhhghghghhhgh wuuh huurh aaaaahnr,’ he said on social media.

Rumours had swirled for years about Chewbacca’s odd sexual behaviour and the photographic evidence was the final straw.

Not only will Chewbacca be cut from The Last Jedi, Disney has said they are looking into either removing all Chewbacca scenes from any future reissues of previous movies, or reshooting them with Christopher Plummer.

Disney are now also investigating claims that Han Solo forced women to watch him masturbate.

‘The clue is in his name. And, for the record, he certainly shot first,’ said one accuser.