Conservative Party to expand Theresa May’s PlebBlocker 3000 shield

The Conservative Party are hard at work to improve the technology which stops any plebs getting near Theresa May.

After May expressed concerns that her current protective shield allowed a fireman to talk to her, the Tories know the must do better to protect their leader.

Currently the prime minister is defender by a shield which employs biodome and hard-light holographic technology. The biodome helps to sustain her whilst hard-light cannot be penetrated by any pleb.

But the shield only goes so far. Right now it is only like a protective bubble and that is not good enough for Mrs May, who has demanded an expansion so that no-one can get within twenty feet of her.

‘And if they can install some sort of soundproofing so I don’t have to hear anyone else talk, that would be great,’ said Theresa.

Little is known about why she is so averse to plebs, but some believe she could possibly melt if she comes into direct contact with on. A frightening prospect, if true.