Couple suspect child may be genius from tablet use

Roberta and Charles White of Bethlehem, PA believe their two year old son is a genius.

Rylan, the child in question, is set to undergo testing in the next week. He will be asked to accomplish a variety of tasks that will measure his intelligence.

Mr. and Mrs. White believe their son is a genius because of his “natural aptitude” with their tablet device.

“We gave him the tablet to play with when he was one year old,” Roberta White explained. “It was meant to just occupy him while I was cooking dinner, but he just took to it!”

Could Bethlehem begat an intellectual saviour for the masses?

Could Bethlehem begat an intellectual saviour for the masses?

Rylan spends an average of eight hours a day interacting with the tablet.

“He isn’t just playing games,” Charles White emphasized. “He is figuring out how to make phone calls, write notes in other languages, and create abstract art masterpieces!”

“We didn’t teach him any of it,” Mrs. White added. “He figured it out on his own. Now we make sure he gets at least four hours, if not more, of uninterrupted tablet time.”

Rylan’s test is scheduled for next week and results are expected at the end of the month.