Dad considering expanding his repertoire of three jokes

A local father is said to be considering expanding his repertoire of jokes beyond the three he currently knows and repeats almost daily.

Bob O’Haire, 38, has been using the same three terrible jokes for the majority of his adult life. But now he believes it might be time to shake things up and add a new joke or two to the repertoire.

‘I don’t know, it’s like my wife and kids are sick of hearing the same few jokes everyday. Maybe it’s time to change up my routine a bit,’ said Bob.

Bob has been spending his evenings scouring the internet, looking for exactly the right joke to expand his repertoire.

‘It’s a delicate blend and balance. If I add the wrong joke to the routine then it’ll throw the whole thing off.’

O’Haire’s wife and children are said to be fully supportive of his efforts to update his patter.

‘If I hear that joke about King Kong’s balls one more time I’m going to spit in his eye,’ said Clara, Bob’s youngest daughter.