Diane Abbott under fire after referring to Conservatives as ‘those people’

Labour’s Diane Abbott is under fire today after she gave an early morning interview in which she referred to Conservatives as ‘those people’.

The interview took place on Good Morning Britain, as all the nation’s most important conversations do, and focused on the use of the phrase ‘nigger in the woodpile’ by Conservative MP Anne Marie Morris. Mrs Morris was suspended by the Conservative Party over the incident.

But attention was quickly deflected onto Diane Abbott after she said that ‘Those people think they can say and do whatever they want.’

Piers Morgan was quick to question Diane’s use of the term ‘those people’.

‘What do you mean by “those people”, Diane? Those honkeys? Those crackers?’

At which point Diane shook her head and walked off from the interview.

Now Conservative MPs are calling on the Labour Party to sack Diane for what they believe to be a racist, anti-white message.

‘You can’t be mean to white people, I’m pretty sure it’s illegal. And if it’s not, it should be,’
said Jacob Rees-Mogg who is hotly tipped to be the next Tory leader.

But Diane Abbott has since given a statement saying that the phrase ‘those people’ had no racist intent and that many of her best friends are white people.

She told us: ‘I just meant those Conservative cunts.’