I didn’t even know I had a son, says Donald Trump

Donald Trump has insisted he didn’t even realise that he had a son as all his parenting efforts have been focused on rearing Ivanka.

The president was shocked to learn today that he actually has three sons, including one Donald Trump Jr who has admitted to meeting with Russians to discuss dirt they had on Hillary Clinton.

Hillary’s campaign was dealt blow after blow after several controversies arose in the run up to the election. This intel is now alleged to have been handed to the Trump campaign by senior Russian officials.

But this is the first that President Trump has heard of any of this, according to the man himself.

‘I was aware that I had a few young men who tended to follow me around but I didn’t realise they were my children. If I’m honest, I’ve not had much to do to them. I’ve been much more hands on with Ivanka. I think I might have another daughter but I’m not sure,’
said Trump.

Donald Trump Jr has defended his father’s lack of awareness by saying that he does prefer to hang out quietly in the background, ready to strike at anytime, making it understandable his father wouldn’t notice him.

‘It’s how he trained me to get women when I was a young boy,’ Jr said.