Doctor Who’s female transition delayed until she finds the right outfit

The transition to the first ever female version of The Doctor has been put back by a full year while she decides on her signature outfit.

Peter Capaldi will continue in the role for an extra year while Jodie Whittaker rifles through BBC wardrobes to find the perfect costume for her iteration of The Doctor.

‘Jodie is taking this very seriously and won’t appear until she’s found the perfect outfit. She’s spent the last several months trying on hundreds of pieces of clothing in various combinations and still hasn’t found the signature look she wants,’ said a showrunner.

It’s hoped that Jodie Whittaker will have picked her outfit by Christmas 2018 rather than 2017 as originally planned.

Fans of the show have taken the news on the chin. Male fans especially don’t seem surprised.

‘Women always take bloody ages to get ready,’ said Steven Phillips, a lifelong Doctor Who fan and virgin.