Donald Trump challenges ‘Rocket Man’ Kim Jong-un to missile measuring contest

Donald Trump has officially challenged Kim Jong-un to a missile measuring contest at a time and place to be decided.

Mere hours after challenging Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to a IQ test, The Donald was at it again; this time challenging North Korea’s Kim Jong-un to a missile measuring contest – biggest missile wins.

The American president claims that he has the biggest missile and that Kim Jong-un can’t match up to the size of his rocket.

‘If Kim Jong-un thinks he’s a big man then why don’t we have a missile measuring contest?’ Trump began. ‘I will clear my busy golfing schedule to face him man-to-man any time, any place. We both flop our rockets on the table and see who’s biglyest.

‘I’ve heard his rocket is short, stubby and struggles to blast off – if you know what I mean.’

Jong-un has yet to respond to the challenge and probably won’t until his shipment of rocket enhancement pills arrives from China.