Donald Trump Jr admits to cheering for Ivan Drago whilst watching Rocky IV

The son of the president of the United States of America has been forced to admit that he cheered for Ivan Drago whilst watching Rocky IV after footage of a fraternity Rocky marathon leaked today.

Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago was symbolic of the struggle for power between America and Russia during the course of the Cold War.

Trump Jr, who attended the University of Pennsylvania, can clearly be seen standing for the Soviet national anthem as well as actively rooting for Ivan Drago over the course of the fight.

In a statement made today, Trump Jr said: ‘While I did cheer for Drago, I deny standing for the Soviet national anthem. I merely had a sore butt from the previous evening’s fraternity activities.

‘But the issue here isn’t my allegiance to Russia. The issue is that a fraternity brother leaked this footage to the press, completely destroying the sacred bond of frat brothers. But you fake news organisations won’t report that, of course.’

President Donald Trump has personally denied cheering for Drago whilst he fought Rocky Balboa, however has has admitted to smirking after he killed Apollo Creed.

‘I think you know why,’ he told us.