Donald Trump ‘pissed off’ about latest allegations, warns against further leaks

Donald Trump

President-elect Donald Trump is said to be incredibly ‘pissed off’ about latest intelligence reports and has warned against any further leaks from the intelligence community.

According to the latest leak, Russia has a whole slew of information that could be used to blackmail the future President of America. Some of which includes details of sexual escapades ‘unusual’ in nature.

Trump is absolutely furious about the report and could barely contain his anger in a series of increasingly incomprehensible tweets. Only the first one was truly legible:

‘So I can’t mock a disabled reporter but it’s okay to kink shame the next President? Mad. So mad. But I’ll still lead America into a golden era.’

Whether the allegations are true or not, social media has been quick to jump on the golden ticket with a stream of jokes.

‘It sounds like he’d rather be pissed on than pissed off,’ said one Trump critic.