Donald Trump promised parade as soon as he’s impeached

After asking the Pentagon to hold a military parade in his honour, President Donald Trump has been told they’ll be a massive parade all across America as soon as he’s impeached.

The nationwide parades could be attending by tens of millions of Americans happy to see the back of Trump. Figures that even he finds appealing.

‘I’m not so keen on the idea of being impeached but I do like the sound of tens of millions of Americans turning out to honour me in some way. Obama never had that,’ said Trump.

While the parade date is still to be confirmed, most Americans are hoping it can be held sooner rather than later.

‘For all the criticism Trump has received for the amount of America’s money he’s spent on golfing, I think we’d be happy to spend that all over again on an impeachment parade for him,’ said Hillary C, a housewife from Washington DC.

Trump is now said to be actively helping the FBI in their investigation into his affairs with Russia in an effort to get his parade as quickly as possible.