Donald Trump’s hair made in Mexico

Donald Trump

A shocking leak from the Trump campaign team has revealed that The Donald’s signature hair is actually a wig that was hand-woven in Mexico.

The star of ‘The Apprentice’ and current Republican Presidential frontrunner has been the victim of many rumours and jibes about his famous hairstyle over the years but now evidence has finally revealed that; YES it is a wig and – even worse than that – it was made in Mexico.

A receipt for $429.37 from leading Mexican wig maker ‘Pelucas Para Asnos’ to Donald Trump has found itself in the hands and eyes of the media.

Donald Trump ChinaTrump has been famously outspoken about companies outsourcing jobs.

(Former) Trump supporter, Jed Connor said “The thing I liked most about him was how loud and obnoxious he is – a true American. Now I find out his hair’s not even a natural born citizen? How can he be President now? This has made his whole campaign a sham.”

This is not the first instance of Trump’s hatred of foreign workers coming back to bite him. Just a few months ago it was revealed that Trump’s clothing brand was exclusively made in China.

Will this be the scandal that rocks Trumps Presidential campaign off the trails? Time will tell – and that time will be measured on a watch made in Taiwan.