Dr Acula facing suspension after suspicion of theft from blood bank

Famed haematologist Dr Acula has been suspended from working at any blood bank for ten years after being caught taking samples home with him.

Dr Acula has spent most of his life specialising in the medical field of blood work and has been called ‘the finest mind of his generation’ when it comes to the sticky, red substance.

But after being caught taking several full blood donor bags home with him from a blood drive centre, the Romanian born doctor has been barred from working at any hospital or blood bank pending investigation. He also faces possible suspension of his medical license.

‘I’m very cross with myself for the breech of medical conduct, but I simply wanted to run a few tests at home to make sure the blood was pure and fit for its purpose. As a doctor I have a massive stake in all of this and I hope any investigation understands my position in this case,’ said Dr Acula in a press statement.

Dr Acula also went on to state that he hopes this incident doesn’t stop volunteers from continuing to donate.

‘You are all doing a deliciously generous thing,’ he said.