Every couple in Lidl considers themselves the ‘posh ones’

Each and every couple who shops together in Lidl considers themselves the ‘posh ones’, it has emerged.

Lidl, which has become one of the most popular supermarket chains in the UK thanks to their low prices, may be seen as a working class brand, but that doesn’t stop couples putting on airs and graces whilst they shop there.

‘There are some pretty grim looking people who shop in Lidl. I’m just glad that my husband and I are better than that,’ said Helen Crapton, whilst stuffing her trolley full of the type of crisps you put in a bowl.

And Helen’s not alone in her belief. Many people, especially couples, will take their poshest bags to pack their Lidl groceries into, not wanting to draw attention to where they just got their food from.

They also race around the aisles to finish their shop as quickly as possible.

‘We like to be in and out within a tight fifteen minute window,’ admitted Dan.

If caught, couples will claim they just pick up ‘bits and pieces’ from Lidl and do their main shop at Sainsbury’s.

In response, Lidl are considering making every night ‘Middle Class Night’ so everyone can feel better about themselves.