WE’RE the evil mirror universe, discover scientists

A team of leading scientists has come to the conclusion that WE’RE the evil mirror universe and that we should be stopped at all costs.

The discovery came during a series of tests to find the most effective cleaner of glass. A combination of chemicals used on a mirror opened a window to another universe believed to be parallel to our own.

While it seems like science-fiction gone mad, the scientists were able to observe this mirror universe for over ten minutes before the window closed and what they saw stunned them beyond belief.

‘They were centuries ahead of us technology wise. Everyone was happy and working towards the betterment of mankind. There seemed to be no formal currency, everyone was provided for no matter their station in life,’ said Dr Brown of the Emmett Research Institute.

The mirror window into the futuristic utopia has led the team to conclude that WE are the evil mirror universe.

‘Look at where we are globally right now. We’re killing our own planet for profit; corruption is rife; greed is good; and, worst of all, so many men still have goatee beards. That really seals the deal,’ Dr Brown told us.

The ERI team is now working on a paper that will be issued to every government across the globe that will suggest destroying ourselves immediately so as not to disrupt or corrupt the good universe.

The paper is expected to be widely ignored in political circles in favour of destroying ourselves much more slowly.