Far-right German political party ask Nigel Farage to ‘tone it down’

Nigel Farage gave a well-received speech to a far-right German political party yesterday, but only after being asked to tone down his rhetoric.

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party invited Nigel Farage to speak to them about the dangers of the EU and why it should be abolished.

However they were aware of his reputation and did ask that he tone down ‘all his other shit’.

‘We might be a far-right German political party but some of Mr Farage’s views disturb even us,’
said Beatrix von Storch, an AfD member.

Farage was said to be on his best behaviour throughout the visit, even commiserating Germany on their close loss in the second world war.

‘Sometimes I wonder what the world would have been like had Germany won,’ Farage sighed wistfully.