Farage calls for referendum on Mo Farah knighthood

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has called for a referendum on whether or not Mo Farah should be knighted after his name appeared on the Queen’s honours list for 2017.

The self-dubbed ‘Mr Brexit’ believes that the British people don’t want to see someone like Mo Farah made a knight of the realm.

‘What has he ever done? All he’s ever done is run away,’ commented Olympic legend Mo Farah on how Farage abandoned the country shortly after the Brexit vote came in.

But Farage was not to be deterred. He believes the British people should have a chance to vote on whether there will ever be a Sir Mo Farah.

‘Look, this is nothing to do with race. But we can’t have immigrants coming over here, becoming our heroes, providing us with joy and uniting us. Mr Farah took a position away from a British born athlete, someone who probably had a very real chance of finishing 18th.’

Farage also went on to question the validity of the Queen’s thought process.

‘Daft old German bitch is on death’s door. How can we take her word seriously?’

While the Queen has yet to respond, Prime Minister Theresa May has said she would rather there not be a referendum.

‘I think too much emphasis is put on voting. Frankly I’ve never found it important to the democratic process.’