Fears grow for neighbour who still gets milk delivered by a milkman

An entire street has expressed concern for a neighbour who still gets his milk delivered by an actual milkman.

Ted Cummings (61) has a pint of full-fat milk delivered every single day, and neighbours are starting to worry.

‘We don’t think he’s dead or anything, we’re just worried that Ted doesn’t know he has other options. There’s a cornershop two streets away or you can just get all your groceries delivered from the ASDA. A milkman just seems a bit antiquated now,’
said Sally Longshank, who lives two doors down from Ted.

‘I didn’t even know milkmen were still a thing. What century is this?’
questioned Alan Akbar who recently moved into the street.

But Ted won’t be dissuaded from getting his regular milk delivery.

‘It’s the best way of telling the temperature in the morning,’
said Ted, who frequently suffers from bouts of explosive diarrhoea.