Financial experts recommend a Freddo Frog heavy portfolio heading into Brexit

Over 70 leading financial experts agree that investing heavily in Freddo Frogs is a surefire way to make money heading into a difficult Brexit period.

Freddo Frog prices have increased by 150% over a twenty-three year period and it’s that stable growth that experts say investors should target.

‘Investors need to get into Freddo Frogs now before the price really explodes. They’re valued at 30p a bar right now but could go for as much as 60p by 2030. That is excellent value,’ said Jessica Ribbit, a leading financial advisor.

Experts recommend stocking up on as many Freddo’s as you can afford and then freezing your asserts until the time is right to sell.

‘At the very worst you’ll have a hoard of chocolate to tide you over when Britain becomes a deserted wasteland. It’ll be your dessert wasteland,’
said Lily Hopper, another eager Freddo Frog investor.

But Cadbury’s are asking that people DON’T bulk buy Freddo Frog’s as a sudden scarcity of Freddos could cause shops to spike the price. This, in turn, could make many investors sell their stock for a quick profit causing a volatile market.

‘Invest slowly but surely otherwise your portfolio could croak,’ said a Cadbury’s spokesperson.