Firefighter can put out every fire except for the one in his heart

The fire still burns for Floyd Manning.

A fireman who has been in the brigade for over thirty years has put an end to thousands of fires in his time, but he can’t quell the fire that still burns in his heart for his teenage sweetheart.

Floyd Manning, 54, has worked tirelessly to help keep his community a safer place during thirty years service in the fire brigade. When he’s not being called on to put out a fire, he’s climbing a tree to save a cat. Try as he might though, his lost love is still out of reach.

‘The whole “married with children” thing never really happened for me. I still have someone I hold close to my heart but she moved on a long time ago,’ says Floyd, tears welling in his down-turned eyes.

That someone is Rebecca Maynard, 53, who shared a magical summer with Floyd a little over thirty-five years ago. She now works as a bank teller and is a divorced mother of two. Floyd is aware of this thanks to mutual friends, but he dares not reach out to her.

‘All I have is hope. If she says no and takes that away then I have nothing left. As long as the fire still burns, I have a reason to live.’

We reached out to Rebecca, sadly she did not remember Floyd in quite as positive a light.

‘That dirty bastard fucked my younger sister while we were dating. That’s why we split up. I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.’