Former colleagues claim Ringo Starr ‘watched and did nothing’ while they were abused

Ringo Starr may have made the New Year’s Honours list but former work colleagues of the Beatle claim that he stood by and watched whilst they were routinely abused in the workplace.

After the success of The Beatles, Ringo went to Sodor to work for Mainland Railway – an ambition of his since childhood.

But Mainland Railway was operated by Sir Topham Hatt. His strict and brutal regime has been described as fascist by many who have studied his work.

‘At least he made sure the trains ran on time,’ said one expert.

Whilst Ringo’s stardom allowed him to escape the worst of Sir Hatt’s abuse, other colleagues have now expressed disappointment that he never used it to help them.

‘Ringo never did anything for us. He literally stood by and commented every step of the way whilst Sir Topham Hatt had me bricked up,’ said Henry.

Ringo has refused to comment on the allegations that he witnessed horrific abuse at Mainland Railway but has said he would like to meet up with former colleagues to discuss it.

‘I’m sure we can work it out,’ he told us.