Gary Lineker misses tax payments because the nearest office is more than five yards away

Former England striker and TV presenter Gary Lineker has admitted he’s missed several tax payments as his nearest tax office is considerably further than five yards away.

Lineker claims he had every intention of paying his taxes in full but missed the tax office when sending in the forms.

‘I really struggle getting anything in from more than five yards out, just ask either of my ex-wives,’
said England’s third all-time leading goalscorer.

The HMRC are now looking into the economic validity of employing a tax collector to follow Mr Lineker around at all times.

‘If we can stay within a few yards of him we’re certain we’ll be able to score a cheque or two off him in due time,’
said Ian Land-Revenue, a HMRC employee.

Rumours that the BBC intend to replace Gary Lineker with Christopher Plummer on MotD remain unfounded at this time.