God demands 10,000 more prayers before saving dying child

A child dying from cancer still needs to be prayed for by more than 10,000 people before he might get cured, according to God.

Dylan Williams is just six years old and was diagnosed with leukaemia three months ago. When his Dylan’s parents went public with his tragic story on social media, thousands offered up their prayers. But God says that Dylan has still yet to receive anywhere close to the sheer number of prayers he needs before maybe being cured.

‘Look, I don’t run a small operation here. Sure, the kid got about 5,000 different people praying for him to get better, but I get millions of people praying every single day to win the lottery. A lot of prayers just get drowned up in the noise,’
said God.

God has set the Williams family a target of 10,000 prayers by the end of the month. If they reach that target then He will think about gifting Dylan the cure.

‘Maybe I’ll cure him. Maybe I won’t. I work in mysterious ways,’ said God.

Now Dylan’s parents are hitting social media harder than ever to make their target.

‘Thoughts and prayers are the only effective cure for cancer at this time, if we don’t get 10,000 prayers then we’ll have to put Dylan’s life in the hands of medical science. Please pray for Dylan,’ said the boy’s mother.