Government cutbacks to the grammar police have left some websites ‘almost unreadable’

Many websites have been left ‘almost unreadable’ after savage government cutbacks to the grammar police left them with 20,000 less officers.

The grammar police correct and serve websites all across the internet, completely ignoring the message of articles to deliver nitpicky grammar complaints in the comment section. It is a vital service that keeps the internet running smoothly and grammatically correctly.

Or at least it was until severe government cutbacks reduced grammar police numbers so heavily that they are struggling to keep up with the mountain of poor grammar they come across daily.

With the number of websites on the internet only growing and churning out more and more content, those brave men and women whom remain on grammar police are often forced to work long shifts. And days off have become a thing of the past.

‘My colleagues and I are on the internet over twelve hours a day, everyday, to keep the internet a grammatically safe place. It’s a tough job and it’s only getting tougher,’ said PC Sammy Colon.

Despite asking for increased funding, the grammar police may suffer yet more cutbacks. The government issued this statement to the grammar police just two days ago: ‘Were committed to the grammatical accuracy of articles on the internet but their isn’t a magic money tree. Its a shame but the overall affect isn’t two bad anyway.’

The grammar police are now said to be tutting furiously at the statement.