A growing economy or whatever’s in my red mystery box, offers Hammond

Chancellor Philip Hammond played his trump card during his budget speech today when he offered the British public a growing economy and prosperous nation or whatever the contents of his magical box are.

Rather than bore parliament and the public with facts and figures, Hammond decided to lay out an unusual deal.

‘I have my budget plans right here and they are incredible. Britain’s economy will grow at a record rate and the nation will prosper once more. You COULD have that, or you could have the tantilisingly mysterious contents of my red box,’ said Hammond.

MPs took just five minutes to discuss the deal before deciding to run a referendum. The public will now get to vote on the decision December 26th – the appropriately titled Boxing Day.

One snap poll has already revealed that opening the contents of the box has a 52-48 lead.

‘A strong economy and all that comes with it is good. But the mystery box could contain anything – even a strong economy,’ said one member of the public.