‘Gullible’ to be removed from the dictionary after being deemed a microaggression

The Oxford Dictionary is preparing to remove the word ‘gullible’ from its next edition after a committee agreed that the term may cause offence to some people.

In an effort to ‘clean up’ the Oxford Dictionary, the word ‘gullible’ will no longer be defined within its pages. The committee hopes this will cause the word to die out.

‘Calling somebody “gullible” is deeply insulting and offensive and we don’t want the dictionary to be a book of hate. After careful consideration we have decided to remove it entirely,’
said Ken Simon, a professor of the English language.

It’s believed that other words deemed to be insulting or offensive will also go.

‘But not “cock”, “tits”, “wank”, or “fuck”. We’ve found those are the most searched for words and the dictionary would be a lot less funny without them,’ said Simon.

‘Gullible’ has already been removed from several of the most popular online dictionaries, having been replaced by support forums for he victims of microaggressions.

You can find one such example at the following link: oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/definition/english/gullible