It’s hard to use Twitter properly with just one hand, admits Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz has defended his accidental like of a pornographic tweet on Twitter by admitting he struggled to use his phone properly with just the one hand.

The Republican politician made the news today after liking an image of a blonde woman watching a couple getting down and dirty on his official Twitter page.

‘I obviously wasn’t meant to publicly like the image. But it’s hard to control your phone with just one hand,’ said Ted.

Cruz has three million followers on Twitter, some of which are real people. Their Twitter feeds will have been sullied by the adult image, for which Ted has apologised.

But it’s not all bad news for Ted. His penchant for smut has been duly noted by some of the leading producers of adult entertainment, several of which have offered him roles in their next features.

‘I’ve been beating off offers with both hands today,’ said Ted.