Homeless man spotted searching dumpster for his white male privilege

A local homeless man has been spotted searching for his white male privilege in a dumpster round the back of Burger King, according to reports.

Bill Moore (68) is a recognisable part of the town, having slept outdoors in public for most of the last twelve years. While he previously seemed to have accepted his fate and was just happy to receive handouts, now he wants more.

‘I keep hearing this term “white male privilege”, well I’m white and I’m male and I can’t find my privilege anywhere. Where is it? Who took it?’ Bill rambled.

No-one can remember how Bill came to be homeless but most can agree that he must have definitely misplaced his privilege around that time.

‘He had the golden ticket and he went and loss it,’ said Sian Collins, a genderless puppeteer.

Bill says he will continue his search for his white male privilege until he finds it or dies trying.

‘It’s got to be around here somewhere. I just wish I had someone who’d help me find it.’