Hunt: ‘I understand depression, I feel like a worthless shit all the time’

Jeremy Hunt has applauded Theresa May’s efforts to draw more attention to mental health care by admitting he empathises with people suffering from depression as he feels like a worthless shit almost all the time.

As part of her push for a ‘shared society’, yesterday the Prime Minister admitted that Britain and the NHS needed to do more to help people with mental health problems. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt agreed as he knows exactly how it feels to feel like a useless turd everyday of your life.

‘I empathise a lot with people with depression. Depression makes you feel like a pointless waste of life with no hope. I once visited my GP thinking that I had depression but he told me I actually was just an utterly worthless human being despised by everyone. It was a big relief,’ said Hunt.

And Hunt promised that the NHS would now treat mental health with all the care it does physical health.

‘We’ll cut funding and blame the doctors and nurses. That usually seems to work,’ said Hunt.

Finally, Hunt said that he wanted to see a change in the way GPs treat depression.

‘A lot of people tell me that antidepressants either don’t work or are just part of the solution. So I’m going to completely remove antidepressants from the NHS mental health care system and replace them with a prescription of “stiff upper lip”. That’s the British way!’