IKEA store construction abandoned due to confusing instructions

The construction of a new IKEA store has been abandoned by the foreman and his crew due to ‘increasingly confusing instructions’.

The foreman was given a manual full of guidelines on how to build an IKEA store from the ground up by brand managers. However the instructions became so hard to follow that the entire building crew walked off site and have refused to return.

‘We built the foundation okay but when it come time to erect the walls the instructions became a nightmare of gibberish advice. “When constructing south wall, it is best to be ninety degrees and forty men.” What the hell is that supposed to mean?’ asked the foreman.

And even though the foundation was finished, even that didn’t go according to plan.

‘IKEA provided us with instructions and building material but when we’d finished the foundation we still had a bunch of stuff left over,’
said the foreman.

The building site is now expected to remain abandoned until the new year.