Inflated ego spotted on the White House lawn

The White House has been locked down after sightings of an inflated ego spotted on the White House grounds were reported.

Just one day after pictures emerged of a massive inflatable chicken outside the White House grounds, things went a step further. The huge inflated ego is an unknown entity and security made the decision to completely close off the grounds.

The massive, loud ego hasn’t actually been spotted on the White House grounds for a number of days, but security was so concerned that it decided to take the precaution of shutting everything down.

‘Whatever this thing is, it’s a huge threat to national security,’ said one member of the security force.

There have also been reports of confused murmurings coming from within the White House as well as ghostly moans coming from Ivanka’s room.

‘Everything seems to be back to normal now President Trump’s on holiday though,’ said the security guard.