Jeremy Corbyn accused of being an IPA sympathiser

A fresh scandal has hit Jeremy Corbyn after pictures of him at Glastonbury seemed to show him pulling pints of India pale ale, leading some to speculate that Corbyn could be an IPA sympathiser.

Not long after being greeted like a hero onstage at Glastonbury, Corbyn returned to a bar to help staff pull pints for their thirsty customers. However, sources tell us that he refused to pull any pint that wasn’t an IPA.

‘There were a lot of confused people who wanted a cider or lager, but Jeremy would only dish out IPAs. It had everyone a little concerned, frankly,’ said one person on the scene.

The Daily Mail has accused Corbyn of turning his back on ‘good British alcohol’ such as Fosters, Carlsberg, Rekorderlig and Smirnoff. It even went so far as to call him an ‘IPA sympathiser’ and is now looking into Corbyn’s background with India.

‘I bet he has pictures of Mahatma Gandhi all over his house, that sick bastards,’
said Paul Dacre, Daily Mail editor.

Corbyn has refused to comment on the IPA allegations.